Aug 25

Meet Bank of America Executive in Lagos: Limited Seats Available



Senior executives from Bank of America Merrill Lynch will be in Lagos on the 19th of September to meet with undergraduates in Nigeria about the opportunities in the firm and offer some students in attendance London based internships.




If you want a seat at this open day event, visit and apply with your CV and 300 word Cover Letter.




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Aug 25



1.      The University of Ilorin invites all candidates who have applied for admission into the University as first choice, either at UTME or Direct Entry to visit the University of Ilorin for details of the procedure for the Pre-Admission Screening Exercise.


2.      Registration for the Pre-Admission screening will commence on Thursday, 25th August, 2016.


3.      International applicants are to for further enquires




Candidates must have:


·         Scored a minimum of 180 marks in the 2016 UTME for all courses except those for which higher cut-off marks have been specified on the University website.


·         Obtained Five (5) O/L Credits in Mathematics, English Language and other three (3) relevant subjects at not more than two sittings except in the MB;BS and Optometry and Vision Science where only one sitting is required.


Eligible candidates should visit the University website ( to complete the registration online.


For further enquiries, candidates should contact


The University charges a fee of N2,500.00 (Two Thousand, Five Hundred Naira only) for the screening exercise (including Bank charges).  Payment is only by ATM (Master or Verve) cards.


Details of the step-by-step registration procedure and mode of payment are available on the University






Mr. Emmanuel Dada Obafemi




Aug 22


Wednesday 17th to Sunday, the 21st of August was all about the 2016 edition of the South-Western axis of the Nigerian Medical Students Association’s (NIMSA) convention which held at the better by far Nigerian university; the university if Ilorin. 


Belonging to the South-Western region of NIMSA, the Ilorin University Medical Students Association (ILUMSA), was given this year’s hosting right – a right which was successfully exercised with reference to the quality of the convention.


The main campus of the university witnessed an assemblage of over 100 delegates from various universities across the South-Western Nigeria; Lagos state university (LASU), Olabisi Onabanjo university (OOU), Babcock University, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), University of Ibadan (UI), Ladoke Akintola University of technology (LAUTECH), Ekiti State University and Afe Babalola University.


The convention featured amongst other things, training/interactive sessions, symposia, public lectures, movies, sports and the 8th Prof. Ayodele Ojuawo’s intercollege quiz competition.


The quiz is an annual competition for medical students, which is sponsored by Prof. Ayodele, a professor of Paediatrics and Child Health in Unilorin.


While LASU came second and OOU third, call it “home advantage” or coincidence, ILUMSA emerge as the first prize winner. Consequently, the association will represent the South-West region in the General Assembly of NIMSA.


Other high points of the event were the visit to the movies at the Viva ceinema, a get-together at Item 7-Coke Village resort. The delegates treated to a warm reception by the host university under the leadership of the Vice chancellor, Prof. Abdulganiyu Ambali.


Majority of participants were visited the university for the first time. As such, they were marveled by the serene environment and could not hide their curiosities as to how a university campus could occupy such a large expanse of land in one piece.


Dignataries in attendance were the host president, Comrade Alade Dayo of ILUMSA; the Students’ Union Financial Secretary, Comrade Ojajuni Emmanuel Abiodun; the regional coordinator, Comrade Mathew Kayode Excellence; the Caucus Chairman, Comrade Bakre Hamzat and several other distinguished personalities from within the university, NIMSA and diaspora. No doubt, it was wild and an eye-opening experience for the “Medicos”



*M.B Almubajal*




Aug 16

International Youth Day Summit 2016—By Abdul Ganiy Shehu

Today, I was privileged to attend this year’s IYD SUMMIT organised by Brain Builders International in Ilorin. The summit was scintillating, and information packed to say the least.

The theme of this year’s summit is: “Eradicating Poverty and achieving sustainable production and consumption”.IMG-20160812-WA0010

The fact that I learnt a lot and was motivated from the speeches delivered is an understatement.

Below are excerpts from the key points I jotted down during the summit:

-On public leadership: It’s all about taking responsibility, and the fear of God is prominent and important

– What you have in you, determines the kind of leader you are.

– If you cannot solve a problem, forget about leadership.

– Those who solve the world’s problems are those who will lead the world

– Definition of a leader: A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

– You can never overcome your fears by running away

– Love problems. Be problem centric.

-There are different types of Poverty: Mental, Information and financial Poverty.

– If you want to be a leader, then you must be ready to solve problems.

– There are lots of opportunities on the internet, where you can learn/earn from. This includes,,, etc.

– Learn how to utilise the social media effectively and positively.

– Definition of luck: Your preparation and the opportunity that comes your way. etcetera.

Indeed, it was a mind blowing session, and the speakers were truly amazing.

The presentation by Mr Mubarak Damilola Tiamiyu (Emdee Tiamiyu) was awesome especially with his “Ajala my chairman story”. Other presentations by the chairman Amugold group, Mr AbdulgafarArikewuyo, Mr Saka Babatunde and other contributors were awe inspiring too.

On a final note, I must appreciate Mr. Olasupo Abideen, the brain behind BBI, for putting up this summit and also inviting me too. His team mates, Prince Ridwaanullah Idowu Abimbola, Sheriff Docshe, Ahmed Midokrat Mustapha and others for their commitment and dedication.

My ogas, Mr Wale Bakare, Mr. Hameed Muritala Bolton were also present. My good friends Muhammad Abdulkabir SirYellow and Adekilekun Sheriffdeen Tijani were also present.

I must confess, Brain Builders International is going places, the sky is indeed your starting point.

Abdul Ganiy Shehu (Aba)  is a Freelance Writer, Enthusiastic Youth and Aspiring Entrepreneur.

Jul 30



The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan presents the maiden edition of Hammed Ibrahim Campus Photo Contest. The Campus photo contest is basically organized to address some crucial issues as they affect Nigeria’s higher institution of learning. It also seeks to improve and encourage participation in photojournalism as an integral aspect of journalism while stimulating the interests of campus journalists.

Hammed Ibrahim Photo ContestEligibility

Participants must be a campus journalist with evidence of membership in any higher institution of learning in Nigeria. Winners will be made to present this evidence of membership and/or a letter of recognition from their respective local Editors- In- Chief/Presidents before claiming their prizes.


How to Participate

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Jul 27

Making Awesome Presentations: Useful Tips for Project Defense

project-presentation-200-200Just imagine a project defence room where
you are presenting your research work in
such a fabulous way, and your panel
members just can’t stop nodding, gazing at
you with their mouths wide open and
clapping non-stop for you…It is just an
imagination, so wake up! Put more work to
it by reading this article, apply it and pray
your panel members do not turn your project
defence to project attack!
Project defence has come to stay, and the
only way to graduate in Nigerian universities
is to at least defend what you have written
(or copied and paste) in a convincing
manner. Gone are the days when you could
just copy and paste an article from the
internet and dump for your school. Our
Nigerian school system is changing from
dumping grounds to speech oriented
institutions, which means that you must be
good at presentations in order to scale
through. At times students confuse
themselves with content of their work. The
truth is that it is better to be more confident
with a poor content, than to be un-able to
defend an excellent research work.
In this article, I am going to give out some
useful tips and tricks on how you can have
an awesome project defence and
presentation. In order to make reading this
article more pleasurable, I am going to give
tips on how what to do before the defence
day, on the defence day, and inside the
defence room. So enjoy!
First before your project defence, you must
ensure you have a romantic relationship with
your project topic and the whole content.
When I say ‘romantic relationship’, I mean
your research topic or research thesis must
be of great interest to you. If your topic is
too difficult or it was imposed on you by
your project supervisor, you better start
loving the topic or better still; look for a
way to get it changed for you. In my little
experience, I have discovered that students
who hate their topics usually have problems
flowing in the defence room, and it can
mean bad for you. One trick to choose a
nice research topic is by looking for
subjects that you love talking about. If you’re
a car freak, you should be considering
topics like ‘the impact of official cars on
employee productivity’. You would be
amazed how this simple trick will go a long
way in helping you.
Second, do adequate research on your topic.
Before defending or presenting your project,
you should source for similar materials on
your topic. Focus on how the problem was
identified and addressed. Do not dream of
having an awesome presentation if you do
not know common terminologies associated
with your topic. Identify your keywords,
variables, background of the study, history
of the study and all the variables before
your defence date. If you writing on
‘employee motivation and its impact on
productivity, you should be able to know
your two variables-‘employee motivation’
and ‘productivity’.
Third, know your motivation for the study or
research. Most final year students in Nigeria
defending their projects do not perform well
because, they fail to identify their motives
for the study. The motivation for your study
is probably the first answer to numerous
questions you may be asked in the defence
room. Before a research is undertaken, there
is usually a problem to solve. The desire to
solve that problem becomes your
motivation for the study. Please do not use
money, or the need to graduate as
motivations for your study. Motivation for
the study is best applied in questions like
‘why undertake this study’? ‘Tell us about
your work’?
Fourth, know your strength as well as your
weaknesses. Knowing your strengths and
weaknesses will help you prepare a backup
plan in case the direction of the defence
changed in an unfavourable way.
Fifth, discuss with professionals in your
research field and do group discussions
with friends. Make your friends your panel
members, and defend in front of them. Tell
them to criticize and ask numerous
questions. With this little training you will
be tuning your mind set for what a defence
room will look like. You can also seek
professional help.
On the day of defence, a lot of students
panic and some may even forget their
project topics. Just apply the following
tricks and tips and you will be just fine!
First, rehearse with friends again. Look for
people to discuss your project with all over
again. This will help you remember your key
Second, develop good self esteem and
confidence. Before you enter the defence
room, make use of some good self esteem!
Think well about your self, and have in mind
that these professors and senior lecturers
you are going to face are human beings that
do not know every thing. So be in control.
See yourself as someone going to lecture a
bunch of people that do not know much.
Remember 90% of your fears cannot be
seen at first, unless you start showing it.
· Knock first before you enter.
· Greet the panel members with lots of
· Wait for your first question
· Answer with great confidence. While
answering your questions look straight into
the eyes of your panel members, and never
be rude. All is well!




Jul 26






Based on the interview we had with the outgoing President of Unilorin Students’ Union, Alao Idris, on Tuesday 19th July, he informed Unilorites that last week Friday 22nd July was the deadline giving to the contractor for the delivery of the P.C. tabs. That upon receipt of delivery, an announcement for distribution may commence from today Monday 25th July. Unilorites were equally made to understand that the Students’ Union had announced earlier that the said tabs would be distributed after the school exams being 26th July.


By implication therefore, and all things being equal (i.e. going by the response giving by Mr. President who is the Chief mouth piece and image of the Students’ Union), distribution of the long awaited P.C. tablets will commence this week except otherwise overtaken by events.


As at the writing of the editorial (being today), UCJ UNILORIN can confirm that a batch of the P.C tabs are currently in the *University Store* not the S.U. store as widely speculated by pundits and student-politicians alike. The big question now in the lips of most 100 level and 200 level direct entry students is: *why is distribution of the said batch yet to commence?*😠


All efforts to reach Mr. President have proved abortive as he is yet to respond to our question nor is his hotline available for the time being.


Based on our findings however, and according to a key member of the Unilorin S.U. Executive Council 2015/2016 session, the said batch is not yet in a distributable state due largely to its gross inadequacy. He went further to confirm that a meeting with the school authority has been scheduled to hold today with a view to ascertaining the feasibility of distributing the tabs this week among other related issues.


As expected, this unpalatable development has left nothing but a sour taste in the mouths of the fresh students who have consequently expressed their dismay and displeasure with the issue.


To this end, we took time out to feel their pulses and here are some of the responses we got: *”I hate the idea that we are being lied to and being told to wait till after our exams just to collect the P.C tablet. I miss my family, I could have gone but I stayed back. I actually paid for it and I didn’t beg for it…”*


Others include: *”With great sadness and anger I think its actually insane lying to us about the distribution. I mean why can’t they come clean with us instead of lying, passing and tossing us. Now, in the faculty we are being told to wait today that probably it might be given to us today being 25/07/2017. I’m really sad about the fact that we are being lied to.”*


When asked what they had expected the S.U. to do, here is what one of them said: *”They should have told us to come back upon resumption and not tossing us around like we are begging them for what we actually paid for. They should have just gone straight to the point!”*


We must say that we understand the plight of the affected students and as such, we have been monitoring the process closely by way of getting first-hand information on the issue. This is with a view to informing the student populace accordingly and accurately.


Perhaps, we should give the Students’ Union the benefit of the doubt in order to see if they will redeem their promise on the tab issue. That said however, we shall not fail to paint the actual picture of the situation as events unfold.



_For Feedback, Enquiries, and Suggestions, you can send us an email on:




call the Editor-in-Chief on: 08036543643


Twitter handle: @ucjunilorin


Facebook page: Union of Campus Journalists……

Jul 24

Economic Situation in the Country Responsible for Late Distribution of Sweatshirts and P.C Tablets — Observation






Being the Part II of the exclusive interview with the outgoing President of the Unilorin Students’ Union, Alao Idris a.k.a ‘Observation.’ This series bothers on his response to the controversial sweatshirts and P.C. Tablets issues. Enjoy.



*UCJ UNILORIN:* What is the actual reason for the delay of the distribution of PC tablets and the general complaints by most Unilorites on the quality of the sweatshirts?


*ALAO IDRIS:* Starting with the sweatshirts, I’d like to say that largely the complaints generally, there are different complaints regarding the sweatshirts. Some complained about quality, some complained about the distribution process, some complained about the untimely collection of the sweatshirts. So, all the complaints together, I’d start by saying that at the point of negotiating the contract with those companies that got the contract, the dollar exchange rate was 190 something (I guess #199) around July last year.


When the contract paper was to be given in October, dollar had risen to #220 – #230. There were still commitments from the two companies that they would still be able to work within it. Then, when they collected the contract paper, usually they are to go and use it to secure loan from the bank. They were unable to get that loan because commercial banks, including Unilorin Micro Finance bank are not willing to give out loan facility due to the fact that TSA has crippled their income opportunity and they were all grumbling until December (late December) that we were able to say, okay, out of the money paid by the students, we gave them partial mobilization. We gave both of them the same…to proceed with the execution of the contract. Around that time dollar has already been hitting #280 to #290.

We understand the psyche of our members so we don’t have the effrontery and courage to say because there was increase in dollar, please, can you add additional #1,000 or additional #500. We know they will not be willing to. We have it on good authority that at some point in time this session (I think February), some companies who had contract with the university, sought for a review of their contracts due to that high exchange rate. So, we could not seek for (sic) that because people were complaining. Just like the company doing the P.C tablet was facing the same challenge, they still had to tell them that they can’t tell the students to pay extra money. They have to go and produce the tablets within the amount they were paid. So, the issue of the contractor, in any case, we’re not to speak for them since we’re not in their shoes, at that point, one will be talking about the loss and not the gain.


So, when all these things happen, you’re fearful and that’s why we said, okay, let’s mobilise them from the payment that students have made, which we did. So, as we gave them partial mobilization, the delivery will definitely have to be in batches. So, they had to deliver at a point we know will be distributable and that was when we resumed 2nd semester after Students’ Union Week. We commenced the partial distribution gradually but we could not give all the faculties all the souvenirs at a time because their secretariat cannot accommodate all. So, we expected that the faculty Presidents of the different faculties will explain to their membership that we’re taking this thing in batches because our secretariat could not accommodate it all. But they also failed to do that for us. So, the impression some people were having was that we did not give them complete. And we’re saying that these things are in the SUB, in the store. We’re not willing to hoard it. Immediately they’re through they should come back, we’ll give them. There were times when (I think) one of the companies had not finished the remainder for the final year students. When they eventually brought the remainder, we notified them and now they’ve collected.


The sweatshirt for the mini level has come, the distribution has gone very far as well but we are awaiting the last batch too. It has not been this long in the past two years that the Union has been keying into this initiative but it happened this time because of the economic situation of the country which we cannot shy our eyes away from. We cannot shy away from that reality because even the rich are complaining. We are all aware that 26 out of 36 states are all owing salaries and what that implies is that, a lot of families are in a state of despair…hopelessness. I can’t imagine state owing salaries for six to eight months, no salaries, and no payment. How would different families sustain themselves? We want members of the Union to show understanding that the exchange rate has caused this problem for us.


Another thing that is close to this sweatshirt is the issue of the Sienna bus. The company in question (Sovereign Campus) voluntarily said they were going to give it out as Corporate Social Responsibility to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the University. So, the original plan was that they will bring it during the convocation time but due to one reason or the other, they could not bring it around that time. So, they gave their assurance to the Student Affairs Unit in which the Students’ Union was present that they will bring it late January but eventually, they brought it on February 6th.


The second company also had its own Corporate Social Responsibility to the Students’ Union. They promised to bring some T.V. sets. They also did the burglary at the back of the glass door down stairs of the SUB. So, it was not as though (as branded by some students)…it’s a corporate social responsibility that came from the companies themselves. This is not the first time Sovereign Campus will be doing that. They did it last year with a projector – they donated a multi-media projector to the  Ishowo-led administration. So, it’s not that it’s a totally new idea that we would be doing for the first time. No.



*UCJ UNILORIN:* That said Mr. President, were the sweatshirts under-produced in terms of the total number of students that paid for them?


*ALAO IDRIS:* We know the number of students who paid. And as I speak to you now, we’ve distributed so far, and in fact, almost all 100 level…gone through, the remaining final year, we have given it to the concerned faculty student associations, and they’ve started distributing.


For example, Law faculty, they’ve not got the remainder. In the first phase they were giving only 100, and the remainder has been given to them like few days ago. So, they have distributed far and that’s why you hear little or no complaints about the sweatshirts…We have the figures given to the contractors and we worked with them.

UCJ UNILORIN:* Do you harbour any form of regrets as to your actions or inactions in the past?


*ALAO IDRIS:* The only thing that I observed is that, at some point there was information gap. We admit really that there was a communication gap at some point. We tried to bridge the information gap, even up till now we’re still trying to. On that, the only thing I can say that has caused us some of these negative reactions from our members…but the good thing like I’ve said is that at the end of the day we were able to deliver on it. Many people have collected. So, it has doused a lot of tension.


The only thing left is the P.C tablets which we have the assurance that a deadline has been given to the company concerned, which is Friday this week…ehhh…Friday 22nd I guess. So…and we’ve announced that after the exams, and exam ends 25th to 26th July next Monday. So, if it’s not this Friday, we’ll announce the commencement of distribution next Monday.




Interview conducted by:


*Osuji Chima Francis*




_For Feedbacks, Enquiries, and Questions, you can send us an email at: or get in touch with the Editor-in-Chief on: 08036543643

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Jul 24

“I Just Urge All That They Should Know More About the Workings of the Union Because No President Can Go Out of the Laws of the Union, No Matter How Good the Intention Is.”— Observation


Being an exclusive interview with the outgoing President of Unilorin Students’ Union, Alao Idris popularly known as Observation held on Tuesday 20th July, 2016.




As the 2015/2016 S.U. administration winds off, the President in the person of Alao Idris shares his thoughts with UCJ UNILORIN on the ups and downs that characterized his tenure. This interview is split in three series – the first part covers his challenges, academic strive, and achievements. The second part bothers on reasons adduced for the delay in distribution of sweatshirts and PC tablets; and finally, part three hinges on his thoughts on the ‘no-more-chants’ and other sundry issues. Enjoy!


*UCJ UNILORIN:* Mr. President, now that your tenure is at its twilight, what were the challenges faced by your administration?


*ALAO IDRIS:* Thank you very much. It has been very challenging and hectic. Before now I’ve been living a tight schedule life. It has always been one schedule or the other. I’ve always been busy with several forms of activity. So, the only thing I could see is that I became busier than I used to be. So, for me, I do not see it as totally different experience in terms of the schedule because hitherto, I’ve always experienced being busy on campus. So many people can testify to that. So this time around, being President makes it so difficult to make up with appointments, make up with meetings, make up with classes and make up with deadlines. So, it’s been very hectic but I give glory to Almighty God that all this while God has been with me and my dedicated team members. I’m talking of the executive members and other principal officers of the Union. Thank God that we have been able to reach this stage so far.


*UCJ UNILORIN:* How then were you able to strike a balance between academics and the office you occupy as President of the Union?


*ALAO IDRIS:* Well, I must say that it has not been an easy experience and I must say that at a point (even at the beginning of the session) I was considering suspending my academic studies for a year to face this squarely. Because a professor actually said that it was better I do that so that I’ll have time in order not to fumble with grades. But as time goes on in first semester I realized that even if I’ll do that it is better I first of all register for the session. So, I registered and after the registration along the line I was having the feeling of, why should I even suspend it because all the courses, I had a good understanding of all what they entailed. I attended classes even though they were not regular because there’s no how it can be regular with this position. So, when I attempted the first exam, I was like, O no, there’s nothing worth me suspending it because I remember I did well (by my own judgment), I did well. I attempted my exams well.

But coming to second semester, it was sooo tight that I was irregular in the classes as compared to, I mean, my absence in the classes were not as…were less. My absence was more than the way it was in the first semester which implies that second semester is usually filled with activities as we know. So, by that it will be very tight for the Union to try to round off because most of our important programmes are in the second semester: the S.U Week, Leadership Summit, Women of the 21st Century and altogether with all other students’ association activities, inviting us to grace the occasion and so many other activities on campus. Even the University administration too has activities to do and have a time. So, it was very tight and I must say that it has always been, ahhh…God first, and other persons that also showed a great level of assistance and I know some of my colleagues in the classroom. I will not like to mention names in order not to offend the sensibilities  of others. I know those who would call and say: hello, ‘ore’ please start coming, the class is commencing, where are you? Don’t forget this assignment, its starting now. I remember a very good friend (permit me to mention just one), Nissi Joshua. In fact, he would always say: how far? The assignment please.  And there was one particular assignment that I missed, Nissi had to call me that he will help me see the lecturer on my behalf and the other persons who missed the assignment should form another group and do, and submit, and we did it, and the lecturer later collected it and I appreciated that gesture coming from the lecturer. So, that’s a colleague that has done well with me. Others have also done well and I say a big kudos to them.


*UCJ UNILORIN:* Did all these affect your grade because we are well aware that you were once a scholar in your class?


*ALAO IDRIS:* Well, truth be told: my involvement in politics since 300 level actually affected my grade. I had no doubt in mind that if I continued the way I had started from 100 level, I have no doubt that by now I would have been not only a university scholar but I will be having a first class CGPA. Because I know if I give it full attention, full! Maximum attention, my first class should not be negotiable. But then, it gets to a point in life, you undergo life beyond the four walls of the classroom. I have a passion for leadership. I believe that it’s not about the grade in this world again. The leadership qualification is something. Then I decided, ok, let me give it worth consideration. So I contested in 300 level and lost the election. That brought some emotional set backs to me because I was finding it very hard for me to read, to comprehend so much that when I walk around on campus, they say: that’s him, he lost the election. So that stigma, that stereotype was something that demoralized me. So, there were times when I’ll read and spend up to 30 – 40 minutes on a page and I will not comprehend anything. I may sleep off at some point and go back to read…

Soon, the good thing I’m happy about is that, fine, I dropped from being a university scholar, no doubt about that but up till now, I’m still happy that I’m still in 2.1, a second class upper grade and I hope that by the special grace of God I’ll still end up with that grade. That’s my prayer. Another thing that interest me and that I’m happy with is that all through the numerous activities I’ve involved myself on campus, I’ve never had just one carryover and I give thanks to Almighty God for this monumental feat.


*UCJ UNILORIN:* In terms of stock taking going backwards, what can you say are the achievements of your administration?


*ALAO IDRIS:* The first thing is reduction in school fees. We know there have been some past administrations in the Students’ Union that came on board and it was during their tenure that there was increase in acceptance fee. But we thank God that during our time there was a reduction in school fees. So, if any person gainsays that, please I urge them all to go and cross-check the payment made in the past years and now and see the difference. The second thing is that we organized a health-based programme which has never been done in the past. It was an unprecedented effort made by us and we pride ourselves with it. We did the maiden edition of Students’ Union Press Conference which was not done in the past…One thing I want people to know is that this Union has done so many firsts of its kind. Starting with the Press Conference that was the first time it will be done on campus. The second thing was the Breast and Cervical Cancer programme, first of its kind too. Then after that, we did the Unilorin Idol, a social event programme (first of its kind). Football Jog Training Exercise (first of its kind). We did aerobic exercise (first of its kind). We did Cultural Day Programme that was the first of its kind, we brough a fuji musician in the person of Dr. Saheed Osupa to thrill the audience, the first time a fuji musician will perform in a Nigerian university.


We also brought an important Nollywood actress who happens to be one of the top African actresses in Africa in the person of Funke Akindele, which was first of its kind. So, we did the leadership training programme which falls within the realm of human capacity development for all student leaders on campus at the beginning of the session. That’s about eight things that I have just mentioned. So, we are not mentioning those things that are already traditional programmes like the leadership training programme, Women of the 21st Century etc. If you look at the Women of the 21st Century, the caliber of persons that were invited: Dr. Aisha Yusuf, Coordinator of the ‘Bring Back Our Girls Campaign’ Dr. Joe Odumakin, ehhh…Joke Silva, the honoree was Senator Abiodun Olujimi representing Ekiti South…Don’t forget that during the Breast and Cervical Cancer Programme the Fist Lady of Kwara State was in attendance. Those were the things we did. Those are basically programmes that were meant to impact the lives of our members positively, and they did!


Because people keep remembering what they benefited from the leadership training program, The Breast and Cervical Cancer, we can keep mentioning on and on of these things we did…

On welfarism, we were always alert at the University Clinic in terms of emergency. I can’t count how many times I’ve had cause to, along with members of my Exco, to rush to other hostels to pick students to the clinic on emergency cases, even to Okeodo in town in the middle of the night at around 2 a.m. There was a case like that: we rushed to the place, that’s alert. And there are times when female students call on us, we go to the clinic to intervene on their behalf. And one of the recommendations that we have made to the VC as far as students are concerned is that the school administration should try and ensure that there should be at least two medical personnel on ground on weekends to attend to students especially during the examination period because, during the exam period, there’s always an influx of students going for medical treatment.
So, on welfare aspect… transportation especially, we did work on getting a replacement when *Simpli Move* left. And don’t forget that Simpli Move left largely because of the low returns, because the school bus was operating at #20 and Simpli Move #40 and that reduced its own possibility of getting more turn out. So, they left. Then we worked on how to attract another investor to the transport system on campus. The outcome of that was the SU intervention bus – that yellow long bus. That was our own brain child, what we were able to do on campus. So, the issue of transport on campus is a very technical one and it requires that we work altogether collectively as students of the university, to bring in transport companies that can be of help to solve the transport problem, because topographically, the University is a dead end. So when transporters come in the morning, they go empty in that same morning.
On academic, we were able to provide chairs and tables for the labs… which actually benefitted the students. Part of what we were able to do on the capital project, the SU is doing souvenir and it’s going to be available anytime soon. So, souvenirs still remain as part of the capital project. If you go to Zamfara hostel, there is a bore hole there donated by *Dr Bukola Saraki* but it became faulty this second semester. We repaired it as part of the capital project. We constructed water (sic) from the bore hole outside the Lagos male hostel, we run it inside the male hostel, and run it inside the Lagos female hostel so that our students can have access to portable water. These are part of our capital projects. An inscription is already there executed by the Student Union 2015/2016 Exco. And the renovation of the Student Union building is part of the capital project. We did a thorough renovation of the electrical runnings and we painted the building and we did the plumbing work. All the major changes done in the SUB are part of our capital project. And we also have a plan to construct a new relaxation centre at the College of Health Sciences. It’s underway and we hope to do the turning of the sword ceremony before we leave office. These are part of our achievements so far. Thank you.

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Jul 24



On the 22nd of July, at about 12 noon, the stage was set for the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected executives officers and Honourables of the Senate council of The Nigerian Association of Physical Science Students (NAPSS).


The event which took place at LT II had in attendance, the Dean of the faculty Prof Issac Adimula, the Faculty officer Alhaji A. A Yusuf, Mr. Hammed (who also works at the Faculty Office) and Senator Sort, NAPSS representative at the Senate Council. Also in attendance were observers from within and outside the faculty.


The event commenced with an opening prayer delivered by one of the observers. In his speech, the outgoing President, Raji Ahmad Adeyinka a.k.a Fashola. highlighted the achievements and travails of his administration. After thanking the Dean for his fatherly support, he charged the incoming executives to be relentless in their service to the students who are the sole reason they occupy the positions they currently find themselves.


The oath of office was administered by a representative of the Lord Chancellor, Sen. Habeebullah of Physics Constituency.


In his inaugural speech, the new President, Ibrahim Sidiq a.k.a Jack, called on all students of the Faculty to unite in one voice to support his administration. He however appealed to his fellow contestants at the just concluded election to sheath their swords and join him in his quest to taking the Faculty to greater heights. He pledged that he’d constantly make consultations with the Faculty hierarchy for advice and admonition.


The Faculty Senate Council also conducted its election during its inaugural proceedings in which the following principal officers emerged: Hon. Alaba Ayodeji (Speaker), Hon. Babalola (Deputy Speaker) and Hon. Olaniyi Lateef Olatunde (Clerk of the House).


In his words of admonition, the The Dean of the Faculty, Prof Adimula urged the new NAPSS Exco and Honourables to build on the achievements of the outgoing administration. He also advised the new leadership to have an effective teamwork system and ensure proper management of all facilities in the faculty.


Certificate of meritorious service was conferred on members of the Independent Student Electoral Committee (ISEC) and the outgoing Honourable members.


The ceremony was rounded off at 1:15pm.



Muhammad Basheer Ishola



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